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Glorious by Heidi Ethics and Sustainability Pledge

At Glorious by Heidi I work hard to play my part in achieving a fairer, greener, more sustainable world. This is my ethics and sustainability pledge

My home life ethics and sustainability pledge

  • In my home life I make conscious decisions to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

  • I minimise single use plastics in the home

  • I compost food and garden waste

  • I garden pesticide and peat free.

  • I grow my own fruit and veg.

  • I plant beautiful, bee friendly flowers.

  • I make careful decisions over where I spend my money, with good ethics and sustainability at the forefront of my buying choices, and understand and appreciate if this is you too.

  • I buy dried goods from zero waste environmental co-operative and refill shop Scoop and Scales in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

  • I drive a hybrid electric car and walk wherever possible.

  • As a family we have chosen to take the train to Europe for our summer holiday rather than fly.

Ethicsand sustainabilityhomelife.jpg

My business activity ethics and sustainability pledge

  • As an accessory designer I handcraft your accessories using materials such as Preciosa crystals, which are sourced from UK and European suppliers who adhere to all major EU legislation and publish their own sustainability reports and who also adhere to and comply with all major industry standards and legislations.

  • I will re-use any costume jewellery you can supply me with in your bespoke or customised hair wedding and bridal accessories.

  • Many of my wedding and bridal headpieces and hair accessories have been designed so that you can wear them again after your wedding, avoiding single use and allowing you to enjoy your accessories again and again!

  • I seek out the sustainability reports from all my current suppliers.

  • At Glorious by Heidi I use packaging and gift boxes from APL Packaging. These boxes are made from 100% recycled board and covered in sustainably sourced paper, they can easily be reused and recycled too. The foil print on our large gift boxes is created using eco-friendly foil.

  •  I use Royal Mail as my primary delivery service who themselves have pledged to be net zero by 2040 and whose 85,000  ‘feet on the street’ posties make them the ‘greenest option for delivering parcels, based on publicly reported emissions

  • I keep lights, computer equipment and printers switched off whenever possible and always at night.

  • I have heating switched off wherever possible and am a great believer in a blanket over the knees policy to keep cosy at work!

  • I recycle all recyclable food packaging and drinks cartons consumed at my Cheshire studio.

  • I recycle all recyclable packaging, as well as office paper.

  • I keep document printing to a minimum.

Concerned about the sustainability and ethics of fast fashion company SHEIN, I ordered three wedding hair accessories for £12.50 from the company and this is what I found...

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